Grant Writing

Applying for grant funding is seldom simple. Our end-to-end grant writing solutions are backed by a proven track record.

Client Outcomes

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Step 1: Identify approach

We investigate the funder’s program guidelines and work closely with you to identify approaches that are likely to result in a funded outcome.

Step 2: Develop a strategy

We break the application into steps, assigning timeframes to each component to ensure the project is completed to scope and time.

Step 3: Conduct research

We dig deep into various information sources to support your case for funding. This includes conducting interviews and online surveys where primary data is needed.

Step 4: Drafting

The application and various technical papers are drafted. This may include project plans, budgets and various criteria responses.

Step 5: Review

The full submission is reviewed with the client prior to submission.

Step 6: Submission

We manage the application creation and submission process on the funder’s online application portal and finalise the process for you.